How It Works

With a fully functioning studio I am able to host classes. I offer either private lessons or studio time. Working with clay is a process,  needed is a minimum of 3 class sessions, the first is when you make the piece, the second is when you trim or clean the piece for firing, and the third is when you glaze the piece. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons provides you with all the skills and tools you need to get your hands into some clay. Private lessons can be based with a focus on hand building skills or wheel throwing skills or with a mix of both of them. No experience needed, these lessons are also for potters that have worked with clay before but would like to improve their skills.

Studio Time

As for studio time you get the time and space to create as you please, with all of the studio equipment available. For studio time you need to have prior experience in a pottery studio as there is minimal instruction provided.

Studio Equiptment

Studio Equiptment

My studio is equipped with all the tools you could need to enter into the world of working with clay. Including the potters wheel, slab roller, wedging table, sink, glazing station, work tables, kilns and lots of useful pottery tools.  

What is... Wheel Throwing

Wheel throwing is done on the pottery wheel, with the use of clay, water, and the speed on the electric wheel, you can create almost anything, from, little trinket dishes, to household dishes such as bowls, cups, and plates, to even large vases for flowers. The possibilities are endless with the use of the potters wheel. 

What is... Hand Building

Hand building is the process of hand shaping clay into different shapes, such as animals and other creations. There is also the process of hand building with the use is different forms to take the shape of the different dishes. Also using lace to create a pattern on the clay. This  process can also be used to make ornaments with cookie cutters.

Price List

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Price Lists for two Person Lessons

All classes are paid in full by cash or card in person

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