Glazed-To-Order Foot Print Lunch Tray
Glazed-To-Order Foot Print Lunch Tray
Glazed-To-Order Foot Print Lunch Tray
Glazed-To-Order Foot Print Lunch Tray
Lily May Pottery

Glazed-To-Order Foot Print Lunch Tray

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*Foot Print Lunch Tray Listing*


Glazed to Order Pieces


This is a tray made from a form. It is depicting a walk along the water diagonally across the tray. The tray is made from a slab that is rolled out with our slab roller, then the foot prints are rolled into the clay with wooden rollers. It then sits in the mold for about a week to take the shape of the tray. Once it goes through its first firing it is then glazed and is half dipped in my turquoise and clear glaze.


Dishwasher Safe


Things to Note When Purchasing Glazed-to-Order:


The glazing and firing process takes approximately 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Take note of this time frame when purchasing. You will be notified once the piece is complete and ready for shipment.


All handmade pieces will have some slight variations in size, shape, and glazing applications.  


• Most pieces are Glazed To Order and will take approximately 2 weeks to glaze. 


• Dishwasher Safe.


Please Note: Each item is individually handmade and are all one of a kind. Please account for slight variations in size and glaze application.


*Most pieces will be shipped within 2 weeks. Occasionally pieces may take 4-6 weeks if my stock of the item is low. 


**I will send an email if the item needs to be made to order.


*** Made To Order- the piece is not in stock and will need to be made from start to finish. This process takes 4-6 weeks.